2018 Voter Guides, Endorsement & Other Tools Are Now Ready

2018 voter guides endorsements

Our voter tools for the Primary election held on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 are all now online here! Please forward this message and this link to as many like-minded family and friends as you can.   We have the following voter tools:

·     Candidate Endorsement Sheets (State and Federal)
·     Judicial Candidate Online Voter Tool
·     Selected Local County Voter Guides
·     State Legislative Scorecard, 2017-2018
·     Amendment Voter Guide (Available after Aug 29 for Nov 6 General Election)

Please make plans now to schedule, calendar, plan and take time to visit https://floridafamilyaction.org/voterguides/ before you go to the polls, fill out your absentee ballot or early vote.

Also, if your church would like to promote these tools they can ask church members to simply log on to our non-profit educational website at www.FLfamily.org.  Bulletin inserts and memes for posting on big screens in churches will also be available very soon.

So much is at stake for the future of our state and I hope that you will be a good steward of your power and influence by being faithful to vote in the August 28 Primary and November 6 General elections this year.

Thank you for your support and remember, “There is some good in this world and it is worth fighting for!”


John Stemberger

PS- Help get out the vote by sending out these voter tools to your friends and family.

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