BREAKING NEWS: Florida Abortion Amendment Ruling

Watch this brief 1-minute video for the latest update on the Florida Abortion Amendment.

Dear Friends,

Sadly, today, Florida’s Supreme Court in a 4-3 decision, ruled that the deceptive and extreme “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion” will appear on the November ballot as Amendment #4.

We are extremely disappointed with this unfortunate Court ruling, but let us be clear, this is only a minor setback to our goal of defeating this dangerous and extreme amendment!

On a positive note, the Court did rule, 6-1, to uphold the 15-week protection for the unborn bill, which in turn triggers the implementation of the Heartbeat Bill, protecting babies in the state of Florida after 6 weeks. However, in light of the Court allowing Amendment #4 on the ballot, these 2 life bills will be gutted if this dangerous amendment passes in November!

Make no mistake: the stakes could not be higher in this battle! Amendment 4 would enshrine abortion until the moment of birth as a fundamental right in our state’s constitution and wipe out decades of common-sense laws that are protecting the rights and safety of the unborn and their mothers!

Amendment 4 doesn’t tell voters that it fails to define key terms like “viability” or “patient’s health” – leaving it up to a so-called “healthcare provider” to make all of these critical determinations. That’s how Amendment 4 would allow late-term abortions, when a baby is capable of feeling pain, with no protections for the baby. Then, most outrageously, it doesn’t tell voters that this “healthcare provider” doesn’t have to be an actual medical doctor but could be any person from a long list of health-related fields, even a non-medical employee of an abortion clinic!

These loopholes render meaningless the parts of Amendment 4 that were cleverly worded to look like safeguards. Worse yet, Amendment 4 would prohibit state agencies or the legislature from enacting any laws to protect parents’ rights and provide for informed consent in Florida. In the cases of a minor seeking an abortion, Amendment 4 is written to sound like it protects parental involvement by mentioning that it would allow for parental notification, but what it doesn’t tell voters is that it would actually gut Florida’s existing parental consent laws!

Why do abortion extremists want to enshrine abortion in our constitution? As highlighted in this National Review article from last week:

The proponents, largely funded by Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses, the ACLU, and Open Society Fund, have already spent $15 million in their efforts to turn Florida into the late-term abortion destination of the southeast U.S. and the Caribbean.

The sponsors of this extreme amendment want to legalize abortion up to the moment of birth and to repeal all limitations and regulations on abortion – even safety regulations that protect women – because they want to make Florida the home of late-term abortions in the Southeast.

Floridians don’t support these extreme abortion policies, and our campaign has to make sure that they won’t be fooled by the misleading language of the amendment.

That is why Florida Family Action is joining the coalition led by Florida Voters Against Extremism to fight back against this dangerous amendment. FVAE has officially launched their website and social media platforms, and we need YOU to get involved! Visit their new website, to find out more about the dangers of this radical abortion initiative and how to spread the word.

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We must get the word out!

This bad dangerous amendment will be on the November ballot. Will you join our fight to STOP abortion extremists from turning Florida into an abortion destination?

For life, 

Aaron DiPietro, Political Director, Florida Family Action

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