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  • ichthus
    Action Alert

    We may all become ichthus Christians if…

    10/20/2016 0
    Friend, I will get right to the point. If this election goes the wrong way, we may all have to return to being “Ichthus” Christians where we are sneaking around just to speak of our faith in secret because we are unable to publicly. The ichthus, (pronounced “ikh-thoos”) the “fish symbol,” was used by Christians (as early as the 1st Century AD) to help identify with [More...]
  • 626-final

    All of our voter guides are now available online at

    10/18/2016 0
    All of our voter guides are now available online at Candidates, Amendments, Judges, Local Races Whether you’re voting by mail, early voting or voting on Election Day (November 8, 2016) our free voter guide resources are here to help you and other Floridians make wise choices and support candidates that stand on principle for life, marriage, family, and religious liberty! At you’ll find our: [More...]
  • senatorflores
    Action Alert

    Tell Sen. Anitere Flores you’re disappointed she’s cosponsoring the worst bill in the FL Legislature

    10/17/2016 0
    ACTION ALERT: Call Republican State Senator Anitere Flores and tell her how disappointed you are that she has agreed to co-sponsor the worst bill in Florida Legislature. Sadly, last week one of our best friends in the Florida Senate, Anitere Flores (R-Miami), caved under pressure from leftist activist groups promising support and resources, and agreed to co-sponsor the worst bill in the Florida Legislature, the [More...]
  • honest discussion

    3 Resources to Help You Think About Trump vs Clinton & the 2016 Presidential Race

    10/11/2016 0
    FACTS:  Our issue based, Presidential voter guide tool for churches is now available online for download to print for distribution in churches or to email to friends and family. The front side of our voter guide compares the Presidential candidates and the reverse side compares the candidates for U.S. Senate.  The ad at the bottom of this voter guide gives the website address where the [More...]
  • 2016-ffpc-voter-guide-general-presidential

    JUST RELEASED: 2016 General Election Voter Guides

    09/28/2016 0
    We’re excited to announce our 2016 General Election Voter Guides for President, US Senate and the Judiciary are now available for download or print! Expanded voter guide resources (including local and state races) will be available soon at Presidential Voter Guide (PDF) US Senate Voter Guide (PDF) (Both) Presidential & US Senate Voter Guides (PDF) Judicial Voter Guide (PDF)