Florida Family Action is committed to protecting and defending life, marriage, family and religious liberty. One of the ways we influence culture in these areas is by engaging our elected officials in Tallahassee. Florida Family Action will engage the Legislature on both good bills and bad bills as it relates to our core values.

The 2017 Florida Legislative session has convened for 60 days, beginning Tuesday, March 7th and ending Friday, May 5th.  Each week, a Legislative Insider’s Report is written based on the Legislature’s action for the week. Check back here for the latest information.

Week 1 of 9

The Legislature opened the 2017 session this week with a bang! On Tuesday, we saw addresses from the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the Senate President.  A battle has been brewing between Governor Rick Scott and House Speaker Richard Corcoran over legislation regarding Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida.  Speaker Corcoran has taken aim at ending the two programs, which are pet projects of Governor Scott’s, as wasteful of taxpayer dollars.  Much of the Governor’s State of the State could be summed up with an “I’m talking to you, Speaker Corcoran.” For his part, Speaker Corcoran remained dedicated to ending the programs he calls corporate welfare.  The Governor believes the program creates jobs and helps the economy.  The House voted 87-28 to end Enterprise Florida on Friday afternoon.

In a busy first week, the Legislature passed its first bill which will be sent to the Governor to sign. The subject? The death penalty.  The Supreme Court ruled that last year’s law was unconstitutional and required a unanimous jury verdict to impose the death penalty. The Legislature passed that measure this week, and it is expected to be sent to the Governor soon.

In the upcoming week, the entire Florida Family Policy Council staff team will be at the Capitol along with about 225 pastors, pro-life leaders and other citizen activists for the 2017 Pro-Family Lobby Days at the Capitol event. We packed the event out and have reached capacity at the Civic Center venue where the event is being held.  Otherwise, I would ask you to consider buying a last-minute ticket.  We will report on that at the end of the week (in our next Legislative Insider’s Report).

Amber Kelly, our Director of Policy and Communications, who has extensive experience in lobbying and politics is doing a great job representing us full time in Tallahassee.  You will hear more from her in the upcoming weeks with updates and live-streaming video.  Follow us on social media for instant and immediate information while the news is breaking in Tallahassee.  I would recommend following us on Twitter first and Facebook second.