The 2022 Primary Election will be held on August 23rd from 7 AM until 7 PM. Early voting will be available statewide Aug 13-20. Additional dates may be offered by your county. Click here for more information about early voting. 

Please Note: You must be registered by July 25th to vote in the 2022 Primary Election.

If you do not know where your polling place is, contact the Supervisor of Elections. You can also find your precinct and polling place on your county Supervisor of Elections’ website. You will be asked to provide at the polls a valid photo ID with a signature.

Printable (C4) Endorsement Guides for the 2022 Primary Election

These endorsement voter guides are NOT church voter guides but they can be distributed by private individuals anywhere. We will have Church Voter Guides printed for the general election in November. 

Primary Endorsement Guide – 2022 Florida Cabinet, Florida Senate, Florida House

Primary Endorsement Guide – 2022 US House of Representatives

Primary Endorsement Guide – 2022 Florida Judicial Candidates – Circuit Court, County Court

State & Federal Endorsements

Judicial Endorsement Guide

Local Voter Guides 

Local county voter guide resources are created by local activists. We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or legality of these voter guides. We are providing these guides for informational purposes only:

Pro-Parent School Board Candidate Endorsements by Gov. Ron DeSantis (DeSantis Education Agenda)

Clay County (Clay Family Policy Alliance)
Duval County (Stand4Jax)
Indian River County (Florida Votes Values)
Lake County (Florida Votes Values)
Marion County (Florida Votes Values)
Orange County (Stemberger’s Picks)
Seminole County (Stemberger’s Picks)
St. Lucie County (Florida Votes Values)
Sumter County (Florida Votes Values)

2020 Party Platforms (English & Spanish) With Bible Verses (FRC)

English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)

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