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    BREAKING NEWS: Florida Abortion Amendment Ruling

    04/02/2024 0

    Make no mistake: the stakes could not be higher in this battle! Amendment 4 would enshrine abortion until the moment of birth as a fundamental right in our state’s constitution and wipe out decades of common-sense laws that are protecting the rights and safety of the unborn and their mothers! [More…]

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    The Abortion Amendment is Not What It Seems–and It’s Way Too Extreme.

    03/29/2024 0

    Florida’s Supreme Court will rule within the next few days whether voters will see the deceptive “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion” on the November ballot. [More…]

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    02/08/2024 0

    “This amendment is misleading on so many levels and is completely out of touch with the positions of the majority of Floridians,” said Aaron DiPietro, Political Director, Florida Family Action [More…]

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    Statement from FFA

    12/06/2023 0
    We are aware of the allegations involving Mr. Christian Ziegler, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida. If they are true, his actions and behavior are inconsistent with the principles and beliefs of Florida Family Action. We condemn all infidelity and moral failure of any person in leadership.
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    Beware of the Extreme, Deceptive, and Dangerous Abortion-On-Demand Amendment Circulating Florida

    06/29/2023 0
    The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have organized a heavily funded stealth group called “Floridians Protecting Freedom.” They are circulating a petition entitled “Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion.” The ballot summary of the petition reads as follows:  “No law shall prohibit, penalize, delay, or restrict abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the patient’s health, as determined by the patient’s healthcare provider. This amendment does not change the Legislature’s constitutional authority to [More...]
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    Florida Family Action Endorses Chad Davis for District 48 State Representative

    06/19/2023 0
    Chad Davis has been one of the most pivotal leaders behind the scenes in Florida in standing for life, parental rights, and religious liberty for nearly a decade. Now we are excited to support him for State House District 48 to continue the fight on the frontlines in Tallahassee! John StembergerPresident, Florida Family Action
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    Florida Family Action Endorses Scotty Moore for District 35 State Representative

    06/14/2023 0
    Scotty is dedicated father, husband, and principled grassroots conservative. He will be on the front lines in defending life, religious freedoms, parental rights, and the innocence of Florida’s children. We are proud to endorse Scotty Moore in the Special Election for State House District 35 John Stemberger
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    Florida Family Action Endorses Kim Kendall for District 18 State Representative

    06/13/2023 0
    For more than a decade, I have seen Kim Kendall as the grassroots activist fighting for parental rights and educational freedom. She will be an incredible ally in Tallahassee for life, parental rights, and religious liberty and I am proud to give my full and complete endorsement to Kim Kendall! – John Stemberger
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    ACTION ALERT: Protect Our Children – Boone High School is hosting a Drag and Donuts event in Orlando

    03/22/2023 0

    We need your help to let the school know your concerns with these drag events. Making this available for children to participate in is grotesque and damaging. [More…]

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    FFA Endorses Randy Fine for State Senate District 19

    01/25/2023 0

    “Randy Fine has been an absolute warrior for life, parental rights, and opposing the sexualization of children. His combination of fierce passion with skilled strategy and messaging has made him one of the strongest allies in Tallahassee and one of the Left’s most feared opponents. We wholeheartedly endorse Randy Fine.” [More…]