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  • Endorsements

    FFA Endorses Aaron Bean for US Representative, District 4

    06/30/2022 0

    “Aaron Bean is a man of character and principle. He has stood for life and Liberty for many years. We know him well and he can be trusted to uphold conservative values in Congress. He is the clear choice in this race.” [More…]

  • Endorsements

    FFA Endorses Wilton Simpson for Commissioner of Agriculture

    05/20/2022 0
    Today, Florida Family Action (FFA) is proud to endorse Wilton Simpson for Commissioner of Agriculture. “When it comes to protecting our food, agriculture and natural resources there is no candidate more qualified than Wilton Simpson. He has direct life experiences in agriculture, is a proven conservative policy leader and therefore has our full endorsement.” – John Stemberger, President, Florida Family Action
  • Kelli Stargel

    FFA Endorses Kelli Stargel for US Rep District 15

    05/17/2022 0
    Today, Florida Family Action (FFA) is proud to endorse Kelli Stargel for the US House of Representatives to represent Florida District 15. “Kelli Stargel is very simply one of us. She is not coming to us. She is coming from us. She is one of the finest legislators we have ever worked with and she has been a warrior for our values.”– John Stemberger, FFA [More...]
  • Event

    National Day of Prayer Call With Gov. Ron DeSantis

    05/04/2022 0

    On this National Day of Prayer, join us in praying for our local communities, state, and nation with Governor Ron DeSantis. [More…]

  • Election

    FFA Endorses Clay Yarborough for State Senate District 4

    03/18/2022 0

    been a respected and uncompromising advocate for life, freedom, and the family for his entire time in public service with a gift for communicating the truth steadfastly, and yet with respect. We are excited to support his candidacy for State Senate. [More…]

  • Legislative

    Victory Report: Week 9 of 9 of Legislative Session

    03/11/2022 0

    The final week of the Florida legislative session is finished for the year and what a year it was! The 2022 Florida Legislative Session was one of the most productive and victory-filled sessions in Florida Family Policy Council’s history. [More…]

  • Legislative

    Week 8 of 9:  Insider’s Report – Legislative Session

    03/04/2022 0

    Week 8 is over and session is almost finished for the year! One more week to go.  Here are some of the highlights from the week on our top priority bills! [More…]

  • Legislative

    Week 7 of 9: Insider’s Report – Legislative Session

    02/25/2022 0

    Week 7 has come to a close and featured some incredible advances on several of our top priority bills even in the face of ugly and fierce opposition. The week began Monday afternoon with the late-term abortion ban protecting the unborn after 15 weeks, which passed the final Senate committee stop. [More…]

  • Legislative

    Week 6 of 9:  Insider’s Report – Legislative Session

    02/18/2022 0

    Week 6 has come and gone and session is over two-thirds complete! This week was filled with exciting advances on three of our top priority bills. [More…]

  • Legislative

    Week 5 of 9:  Insider’s Report: Legislative Session 

    02/11/2022 0

    Week 5 has come to an end! If a bill has not yet been through at least some committees at this point, the odds that it will pass are rapidly shrinking. Subcommittees and some committees are beginning to wrap up as the focus turns to floor debate on the bills passed out of committees. As many good bills advance in the session, the intensity and frustration of the opposition has increased. [More…]