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  • Election

    FFA Endorses Blaise Ingoglia for State Senate District 10

    12/13/2021 0
    Florida Family Action is proud to announce our endorsement of: Blaise Ingoglia, State Senate District 10 “Blaise Ingoglia has a long history of outstanding leadership both to his local constituents and statewide for the party. As a conservative, his voting record is rock solid. He is the clear choice in this primary race for state senate district 10.” -John Stemberger, President, Florida Family Action
  • Election

    FFA Endorses Rachel Plakon for State House District 29

    11/04/2021 0
    Florida Family Action is proud to announce our endorsement of: Rachel Plakon, State House District 29 “Rachel Plakon is the type of principled, conservative fighter that Florida needs. Her positive, can-do attitude and belief system makes her uniquely qualified to represent our values in a very powerful and effective manner.”– John Stemberger, President, Florida Family Action
  • Election

    FFA Endorses Bill Mutz for Lakeland Mayor

    10/25/2021 0
    Florida Family Action is proud to announce our endorsement of: Bill Mutz, Mayor of Lakeland “I have known Bill Mutz for over 16 years and he is a courageous leader who focuses on common sense solutions. We are pleased to endorse him as Lakeland’s mayor.”– John Stemberger, President, Florida Family Action
  • Action Alert

    BREAKING NEWS: FFA President John Stemberger Analysis on Current Election Dispute

    11/06/2020 0
    BREAKING NEWS: Here is my analysis of the current election dispute and the breaking news which happened overnight By John Stemberger As I write this letter, we still do not have clarity on who will be the next President of the United States in 2021. It is reminiscent for me 20 years ago when as a younger lawyer, I argued an amicus brief before Judge [More...]
  • Action Alert

    Election Day is Tomorrow

    11/02/2020 0
    Here’s what you need to know to vote in Florida: Polls are open tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 3 from 7AM to 7PM Plan now exactly what time of the day you are going to vote.  Polling locations often change. Double check and make sure you know where your poll is located especially if your voting late in the day. Sunday was the last day of early voting [More...]
  • Action Alert

    Florida Family Action Statement on Its Process for Researching & Recommending Appellate Court Judges

    10/23/2020 0

    Florida Family Action is the only advocacy group in Florida that researches and makes voter recommendations on every judicial race in all 67 county ballots, including County, Circuit Civil, District Courts of Appeal, and Florida Supreme Court. For over 15 years, we have provided this service to our constituents and to the general public. [More…]

  • jim boyd

    FFA & John Stemberger Endorse Jim Boyd For State Senate District 21

    08/10/2020 0
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Breaking News: FLORIDA FAMILY ACTION AND JOHN STEMBERGER ENDORSE JIM BOYD IN FLORIDA’S 21ST STATE SENATE DISTRICT RACE On August 10th, Florida Family Action (“FFA”), endorsed Jim Boyd for the state senate seat in Florida’s 21st district. Attorney John Stemberger, President of Florida Family Action, made this statement on Boyd’s candidacy: “Jim Boyd is a solid conservative who has a proven record [More...]
  • Endorsements

    FFA Endorses Judge Thomas Rebull

    07/22/2020 0

    Florida Family Action is proud to officially announce its endorsement of Judge Tom Rebull for 11 Judicial Circuit Court in Miami. [More…]

  • 2020 Florida primary voter guide

    Florida Voter Guides Online NOW for Primary Election

    07/22/2020 0

    Voter Guides online now for the 2020 Primary Election! Family friendly & pro-life endorsements for Congress, Florida House, Senate, & Judicial races. [More…]

  • Byron Donalds

    FFA Endorses Byron Donalds

    07/20/2020 0

    Florida Family Action is proud to announce its official endorsement of Florida Rep. Byron Donalds for US House District 19. [More…]