FFA Endorses Randy Fine for State Senate District 19

01/25/2023 0

“Randy Fine has been an absolute warrior for life, parental rights, and opposing the sexualization of children. His combination of fierce passion with skilled strategy and messaging has made him one of the strongest allies in Tallahassee and one of the Left’s most feared opponents. We wholeheartedly endorse Randy Fine.” [More…]

John Stemberger Endorses Christian Ziegler for Florida GOP Chairman

12/19/2022 0

I wholeheartedly endorse Christian Ziegler. He is a pro-life, pro-family and strong social conservative. He has a long history of fighting for conservative values; taking on important local issues; protecting the role of parents; raising money for conservative causes; getting principled Republicans elected at all levels of government; and leading the growth of the Republican Party in Florida. [More…]

FFA Endorses DeSantis – Nuñez for Governor of Florida

08/12/2022 0

“Governor DeSantis is a political force of nature that God has given Florida at a critical time in our nation’s history. The DeSantis – Nuñez Administration has shown remarkable courage and commitment to protect our faith, our children, and our liberties — earning them our wholehearted endorsement. ” [More…]

FFA Endorses Wilton Simpson for Commissioner of Agriculture

05/20/2022 0

Today, Florida Family Action (FFA) is proud to endorse Wilton Simpson for Commissioner of Agriculture. “When it comes to protecting our food, agriculture and natural resources there is no candidate more qualified than Wilton Simpson. He has direct life experiences in agriculture, is a proven conservative policy leader and therefore has our full endorsement.” – John Stemberger, President, Florida Family Action

FFA Endorses Kelli Stargel for US Rep District 15

05/17/2022 0

Today, Florida Family Action (FFA) is proud to endorse Kelli Stargel for the US House of Representatives to represent Florida District 15. “Kelli Stargel is very simply one of us. She is not coming to us. She is coming from us. She is one of the finest legislators we have ever worked with and she has been a warrior for our values.”– John Stemberger, FFA President

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