Victory Report: Week 9 of 9 of Legislative Session

03/11/2022 0

The final week of the Florida legislative session is finished for the year and what a year it was! The 2022 Florida Legislative Session was one of the most productive and victory-filled sessions in Florida Family Policy Council’s history. [More…]

Week 7 of 9: Insider’s Report – Legislative Session

02/25/2022 0

Week 7 has come to a close and featured some incredible advances on several of our top priority bills even in the face of ugly and fierce opposition. The week began Monday afternoon with the late-term abortion ban protecting the unborn after 15 weeks, which passed the final Senate committee stop. [More…]

Week 5 of 9:  Insider’s Report: Legislative Session 

02/11/2022 0

Week 5 has come to an end! If a bill has not yet been through at least some committees at this point, the odds that it will pass are rapidly shrinking. Subcommittees and some committees are beginning to wrap up as the focus turns to floor debate on the bills passed out of committees. As many good bills advance in the session, the intensity and frustration of the opposition has increased. [More…]

Insider’s Report: Legislative Session Week 3 of 9

01/29/2022 0

The third week of the nine-week session is complete as we come to the end of January. With Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days occurring Monday and Tuesday, this was our most action-packed week with advocating for our bills and training allies on priority legislation. [More…]

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 2 of 9

01/22/2022 0

Florida Family Policy Council  Insider’s Report Legislative Session  Week 2 of 9 – January 22, 2022 Dear Friend, The second week of session has come to a close, with plenty of action and bill movement. On Tuesday, the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools and in mandatory corporate training was up for debate, as Sen. Manny Diaz articulated his perspective that such ideologies had no place in public school classrooms or mandatory corporate training [More…]

Legislative Insider’s Report Week 1 of 9

01/15/2022 0

Florida Family Policy Council Insider’s Report Legislative Session  Week 1 of 9 – January 15, 2022 Dear Friend, The New Year has just commenced and with it, the 2022 Florida Legislative Session is upon us. Opening Tuesday, January 11th, at 12 noon, the Capitol roared to life and is charging full steam ahead. Proceedings began with House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Senate President Wilton Simpson welcoming and briefing their respective chambers, before all members from the [More…]

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