Dear Pastor / Church Leader:

We at FFPC are passionate about producing election-related materials that are Biblically based, non-partisan, and seek to Honor God by looking higher to a bigger purpose than mere politics. Below are links to some of those online and printable resources, along with information to help you lead your church in a Gospel-Centered and principled way.

We also realize that COVID19 requires some new strategies and methods because not everyone in your church is meeting face to face. The below resources consider that fact, and all of these materials are available for download here on

Available resources include:

Culture-Wise Church Webinar with Dr. Al Mohler, Dr. Wayne Grudem. A thoughtful discussion on the upcoming election and what it means to be Gospel-Centered when thinking or preaching about elections. Watch the recording now on YouTube or our Facebook page.

VIDEO & Honoring God Memes available for use in your church services online or on your video screen with Biblical content on “Honoring God” by voting. Please check out the beautiful and moving 60 second video to be used in churches.

Honoring God Bulletin Inserts. Biblically based reasons on why Christians should vote. is a completely paperless and hassle-free online voter registration tool. The deadline to register to vote in Florida is Monday October 5 which means there are only 2 Sundays left to register new voters after church services.

Personal Automated Call for pastors to record and have delivered directly to members of your church, paid for by our organization.

Church Approved Voter Guide. Issue-based non-partisan voter guide with an objective comparison of the two Presidential candidates on the issues. Sign up to have paper voter guides delivered directly to your church here.

Stay tuned, all of our other voter guide products on JudgesCandidates and Amendments will be available very soon during the first week of October.

Please consider using some or all of the enclosed resources as we approach the 2020 election on November 3, 2020.  And remember, by the Sunday before the election, over 50% of the votes in Florida will have already been cast by early voter or by absentee voters, so please plan your activities earlier than later.

If you have questions, please reach out to our Director of Pastoral Ministries Kevin Baird at or call him at (843) 367-2969.  Thank you for being faithful.


John Stemberger, President

PS- Make sure you check out the “Honoring God with Your Vote” VIDEO.  Only 60 seconds long but an amazing tool to envision your church.