We are pleased to present our Florida Family Action Legislative Scorecard for the 2017 and 2018 Legislative Sessions. As an organization, we see a real and increased need to hold our elected officials accountable. We believe the most objective and accurate way to evaluate an elected official’s performance, regarding positions on important issues, is to track their voting record.

2018 legislative scorecardThis scorecard provides a unique and quality analysis of social issues that no other state organization provides. We have researched and scored each member of the Florida Legislature on the issues of life, family, religious liberty, and other related matters.

With this scorecard, we are arming you as voters, activists, and concerned citizens with a tool to further learn and discern which legislators are truly champions of our values, those who are opponents of our values, and those who are trying to straddle the fence.

You can download the 2017-18 Legislative Scorecard here.




View our 2015-16 Legislative scorecard here.