Action Alert: Tell Jax City Council and Mayor Lenny Curry it’s wrong to make taxpayers pay for attacks on Constitutional rights!

Empower Jacksonville was created in 2017 to help put important decisions back in the hands of Jacksonville voters like you and to stand up to local government when it attempts to pass laws that its citizens oppose and that trample on our basic constitutional freedoms.

Today they need your help! Jacksonville City Council members are planning to funnel cash to a liberal multi-millionaire who could then use the money to subvert the Bill of Rights!

Here’s what you need to know and why you should be reaching out to your city council members and Mayor Lenny Curry right NOW to stop this madness:

Contact the Jacksonville City Council and Mayor Lenny Curry here.

Peter Rummell is a liberal multi-millionaire land developer who’s mounting an all-out assault on the 2nd Amendment.

He’s a big-time donor to Republicans and Democrats who uses his immense wealth to threaten and intimidate candidates and elected officials.

He says he will no longer support any candidate who’s supported by the NRA or who refuses to endorse a ban on so-called “assault weapons!”

To add insult to injury, this mega-wealthy developer is now demanding that the Jacksonville City Council give him $80 million in taxpayer subsidies so he can build an exclusive, high-end residential and commercial development on the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville! That’s $80 million he won’t need to spend of his own funds. Funds that he can then use to continue to undermine the 2nd Amendment and our fundamental freedoms!

Please email the Jacksonville City Council and Mayor Lenny Curry today! Both the city council and the mayor have to approve the $80 million taxpayer giveaway. Ask them to vote against Rummell and his scheme to grab our tax dollars! It’s wrong to make taxpayers pay for Rummell’s continued attacks on our constitutional rights!

Contact the Jacksonville City Council and Mayor Lenny Curry here.

Here are some other facts the Jacksonville City Council and Mayor Curry should know:

1. There’s no such thing as an “assault weapon.” What liberals call “assault weapons” are merely semi-automatic firearms that have always been legal!

2. If “semi-automatic” weapons are banned we’d be outlawing 60% to 70% of the handguns and rifles sold in the United States today!

3. Any such ban would leave law abiding Americans defenseless and would ensure that criminal gangs and predators will always have the upper hand!