So many stories, powerful stories, because of your support…

So many stories– powerful stories.  Made possible because of your support.


One of our volunteer teams, a stay-at-home mom with her thirteen-year-old daughter from Jacksonville, told us they picked up an older woman and were driving her to vote when they offered her some snack foods on the way to the polls.  The woman was in tears as she ate the crackers. The teenage girl turned around and offered the lady her leftover Halloween candy which she was happy to get.

One man in a rural area whose life had been turned upside down showed us his neighbors’ home which was also literally turned upside down.  The lady said the night before the storm in her dream she said the Lord spoke to her and told her to evacuate.  It’s pretty clear she would have been killed if she had not listened and stayed home.

All were grateful for our reminder to vote and the information we provided.

I heard dozens of stories of people we met, who were prayed for by one of our 65 volunteers, and they were SO GRATEFUL to be given materials on where to vote and educational voter guides. We have been able to speak face to face with thousands of voters and remind them to vote in the midst of the life-changing distraction of Hurricane Michael.

On day 5 of 6 we are still going strong and will continue to work to get everyone to the polls we can in this hurricane devastated area of North Florida till 7pm CST on the election night.

We have been able to pull off this emergency effort in record time and tell these stories as a direct result of your gifts, prayers and support. Thank you SO MUCH.

If you have not been able to give yet and would like to help please give online now HERE.

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Thank you and God bless you.

John Stemberger