We need this now more than ever! Do you agree?


Now more than ever we need strong Christian influences in politics AT EVERY LEVEL of government.  donate_off

If you agree with this statement, can we count on your support as we head into the last 12 days of this election?

There is so much more we can do before election day to continue to reach Florida voters with our voter guides and resources. But we need your help to do this.

As you know, early voting began Monday for 50 of Florida’s 67 counties. This Saturday, early voting will be open for all Florida counties. Distributing our voter resources now is critical to ensure these voters receive all the information they need to make wise and informed decisions when they vote.

Most political experts agree that whichever presidential candidate wins Florida will also win this election.   

This is not an election to sit on the sidelines.

Remember, for every candidate you and I have the opportunity to vote for, we are voting more for their policy positions, than for the person themselves.

Almost more important than the President’s race this election are the thousands of other down-ballot races at every level of government in Florida which will be negatively affected if there is a low Christian voter turnout. A poor voter turnout would impact these races in our local school boards, county and city commission races, state legislative races and congressional races, etc.

Did you know that EVERY single state house, state senate and congressional seat in Florida is up for election and on the ballot this year? 

The number of Christian voters we will be able to reach,

and therefore, the impact you and FFA will be able to make in these final days,

is determined by the funds raised right now, leading up to November 8th!

donate_offCan we count on your support and partnership with us at this critical time?


Floridians are living in the most valuable piece of political real estate in America because Florida is a key swing state and the Presidential election will directly turn on how Florida votes.

Christians are one of the most strategic constituencies (if not THE most strategic constituency) to the outcome of this election.  And right now, many are confused on how to vote.  We need to reach out to them with educational voting resources now!

The outcome of November 8th will steer the course of our nation and our Supreme Court for the next 30 years – for either good or evil. You can do your part today by voting, sharing our voter resources with family and friends and by giving so we can share these resources with others.

donate_offWould you please make the most generous contribution you can right now to invest in this very strategic work we are doing here in Florida, which will directly impact the results of this entire election and the future of our great nation?  

Thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing support and for not giving up on “the good worth fighting for.”


John Stemberger

President, Florida Family Action

For your convenience we have listed our Voter Guide Resources below:


View and download our General Election Voter Guide HERE. Please print as many copies as you need! Click HERE for Spanish.

View and download our 2016 Florida Amendment Guide HERE for a breakdown of what each proposed amendment means and how we suggest you vote.

Our in-depth Online Interactive Voter Guide HERE features all federal and state offices on November’s ballot including the President, US Senate, US House, Florida Senate, and Florida House.

Our Judicial Voter Guide HERE is available for you to learn more about the judicial candidates up for a retention vote or election.

And our first-ever Legislative Scorecard HERE will show you how your elected officials (many of whom are running for re-electionthis year) have voted regarding pro-family pro-life issues in Florida – this is a strong tool to keep them accountable!

In some areas, we are also able to provide you with local community Voter Guides HERE featuring city and county candidates/issues.

ALL of these tools are available online at www.FloridaElectionCentral.com.

NOTE:  If these voting resources are helpful to you and your family, and you would like to give a gift to help offset the cost of our research and making all of these resources available, you can do that HERE.