Ask Governor Scott to Veto “Whiskey and Wheaties”

Right now, sitting on Governor Scott’s desk awaiting signature, is SB 106 which has been dubbed “Whiskey and Wheaties”.  This piece of legislation would remove a requirement for hard liquor to be sold in small package stores paving the way for grocery stores and big box stores like Walmart and Target to sell hard liquor on their shelves along with food products, such as Wheaties.  This bill is bad public policy because:

  • These stores employ teenagers who would have access to hard liquor in the stockrooms or performing duties in the normal course of their jobs
  • It would increase access to hard liquor which is likely to increase consumption, especially by alcoholics, teenagers, and others at-risk
  • Large stores, such as Walmart and Target, are not able to monitor these products as easily as small package stores increasing the likelihood that they will be shoplifted and immediately consumed or resold
  • Hard liquor should not be sold on the shelves of “family-friendly” stores.  We don’t allow harmful products (such as cigarettes and pornography) are not sold on the shelves of these stores and neither should hard liquor.
  • Many liquor stores require their employees to be at least 21 years of age.  Many grocery stores and big box stores employ minors.

Whiskey and Wheaties passed on the floor of the House in a 58-57 vote, but late votes and a changed vote now make the vote count 57-63, meaning that it would not pass if the vote was held today. This legislation is being sponsored by large corporations hoping to increase their sales and profits, and it is not being requested by consumers. If the governor vetoes this bad legislation, it will do nothing to ban these products, but the manner and location of which they are sold would continue to be limited.  Governor Scott needs to hear from you so that he will veto this BAD legislation.

Please take action and email Governor Scott TODAY. SB 106 is on his desk right now, and he can sign it at any moment.  The deadline for him to veto the legislation is May 24th, but he can choose to sign it before then, so time is of the essence.  Once you take action, please request that your friends and family do the same. Thank you for taking action and helping to make a difference in our state!

We have made it easy, all you need to do is click this link to email Governor Scott.