3 Questions Every Conservative Voter Should Ask Before Supporting Donald Trump

A Candidate’s Past Record is a Better Indicator of Who He Will Really be in the Future

TALLAHASSEE, FL – There is a lot to like about Donald Trump. He’s entertaining, tough, and anti-establishment. Despite these factors, are there things about Trump’s life, background and views that should give all conservatives, and especially Christian conservatives, pause or even great cause for concern? In conservative activist John Stemberger’s view, conservative voters who are considering supporting Trump should be asking themselves three important questions:

1. What is Donald Trump’s political history and voting record?
2. Do Donald Trump’s liberal positions on policy issues tell us how he would govern as president?
3. Does Donald Trump have the kind of character and integrity that can be trusted?

Stemberger lays out the answers to these questions with facts from Trump directly in this new piece for Newsmax, published today.

“Donald Trump has clearly hit a raw nerve with conservatives who are frustrated with Washington D.C,” said Mr. Stemberger. “But Trump’s politics and values are no different — and maybe worse — than most Washington politicians, including major support for Democrats, voting for Barack Obama, and taking liberal positions on major policy issues. He is still considering a third party run and has proven to be demeaning and degrading to women.”

“Is this really the kind of man we want to lead and represent America?”

John Stemberger is an attorney and national conservative leader based out of Orlando, Florida. He is a former Political Director of the Republican Party of Florida. He has a unique understanding of law, government, and the media from his extensive political background, and has been a consultant to state, federal, and presidential campaigns. For the past ten years Stemberger has served as President and General Counsel of Florida Family Action.

Florida Family Action (FFA) is the legislative arm of the Florida Family Policy Council. The organization provides a platform for informing, inspiring and rallying those who care deeply about the family to greater involvement in the moral, cultural and political issues that threaten our state and nation.

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PDF of Newsmax Article: HERE