URGENT JAX ALERT: Sign Petition for Referendum on HRO


Tell the City Council to Let the People Decide Whether Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Expression Should Be Added as New Protected Classes


As a citizen of Jacksonville, I want the City Council to allow the voters of Duval County to decide this controversial issue by referendum and not to force this “Human Rights Ordinance” upon our community by a vote of only ten members of the Jacksonville City Council.

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The City Council of Jacksonville is currently moving to pass a so-called “Human Rights Ordinance” which will create new protected classes for the categories of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.  These laws in other cities have been used as weapons to punish citizens for simply exercising their religious views and free speech within their own businesses and in private property ownership.  These same laws are also being used to allow fully biological men who either cross dress or subjectively claim they feel they are women to have complete access to women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.  Another bill in the City Council proposes largely the same ordinance but would place it on the ballot allow the people of Jacksonville to accept or reject.  One of these bills will pass out of the City Council.  A similar bill was recently rejected in a referendum by the people in Houston, Texas.  For more information check out www.DefendJaxFamilies.com


Contact members of the Jacksonville City Council and tell them to let the people decide on the HRO issue.

Mayor’s Office
Mayor Lenny Curry
(904) 630-1776 MayorLennyCurry@coj.net

At-Large Council Members 
Group 1: Anna Lopez Brosche
(904) 630-1393 ABrosche@coj.net

Group 2: John R. Crescimbeni
(904) 630-1381 JRC@coj.net

Group 3: Tommy Hazouri
(904) 630-1396 THazouri@coj.net

Group 4: Greg Anderson
(904) 630-1398 GAnderson@coj.net

Group 5: Samuel Newby
(904) 630-1387 SNewby@coj.net


District Council Members
District 3: Aaron L. Bowman
(904) 630-1386 ABowman@coj.net

District 4: Scott Wilson
(904) 630-1394 SWilson@coj.net 

District 5: Lori N. Boyer
(904) 630-1382 Email LBoyer@coj.net

District 6: Matt Schellenberg
(904) 630-1388 MattS@coj.net

District 7: Reggie Gaffney
(904) 630-1384 RGaffney@coj.net

District 8: Katrina Brown
(904) 630-1385 KBrown@coj.net

District 9: Garrett L. Dennis
(904) 630-1395 GarrettD@coj.net

District 10: Reginald L. Brown
(904) 630-1684 RBrown@coj.net

District 11: Danny Becton
(904) 630-1383 DBecton@coj.net

District 12: Doyle Carter
(904) 630-1380 DoyleC@coj.net

District 13: Bill Gulliford
(904) 630-1397 Gulliford@coj.net

District 14: Jim Love
(904) 630-1390 JimLove@coj.net

For more information see www.DefendJaxFamilies.com