We Need Your Help Organizing Florida to Take Back America!

This election is a critical moment in our nation’s history. Its outcome will determine what type of America we will live in for generations to come. That is why we need YOU to help us organize Florida to take back America!

Together we can amplify our voices and influence our state and communities to vote for principled men and women who will uphold our Constitution and protect our freedoms at all levels of government.


The #1 way you can partner with us in this important election effort is to volunteer to phone bank at one of our 4 local field offices in Broward, Palm Beach, Pensacola, or Tampa Bay! Phone banking is a key part of our strategy to energize Florida’s voters and educate them on the important issues facing our state before they head to the polls. We will will have food, fun, and fellowship for volunteers and will reward hard work with valuable gift cards!
Buddy Helland edited
Live in Broward County? Contact Field Director Buddy Helland at (754) 779-2508 or by email at buddyh@floridafamilyaction.org.


sue T
Live in Palm Beach County? Contact Field Director Sue Trombino at (561) 239-8847 or by email at suet@floridafamilyaction.org.


Live in Pensacola? Contact Field Director Tom Thompson at (850) 723-5257 or by email at tomt@floridafamilyaction.org.


Amber Kelly
Live in Tampa Bay? Contact Senior Field Director Amber Kelly at (850) 567-8143 or by email at amberk@floridafamilyaction.org.


If your city is not listed, or you are unable to volunteer at one of our field offices—there are still many things you can do to help!

  • Engage with us on social media! Share important updates and posts from FFA on social media with your friends and community groups. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  • Forward this email to a friend! Phone banking is always more fun with friends. Invite them to come with you, or find a time convenient for their schedule!
  • Donate! Your schedule or family responsibilities do not allow for volunteering, but you’d still like to support the cause and make your voice heard. By donating, you add your voice to ours and allow us to advocate on your behalf to truly make a difference this election.
  • Ask your pastor to share this important video message with your congregation. This Florida-specific video emphasizes the responsibility Christians have to vote in elections, even when facing a difficult choice.