Guide on How to Vote on Florida’s 2016 Ballot Amendments

There are four proposed Constitutional Amendments on the ballot in November. These amendments cover a wide range of topics—from solar, to marijuana and tax exemptions.

To help you wade through the confusing technical language, we’ve researched and created an overview of each proposed amendment for you. You can access this resource here or by clicking on one of the images below.

2016 Proposed Amendments

2016-amendment-guide_page_2 2016-amendment-guide_page_1

Below are short summaries of each amendment:

Amendment 1: Solar energy grants a right to own/lease solar energy equipment and prohibits forced subsidization of solar energy
(We encourage a NO vote)

Amendment 2: Medical marijuana decriminalizes possession and smoking of marijuana and creates a constitutional right to grow, sell and consume pot
(We encourage a NO vote)

Amendment 3: Tax exemption for disabled first responders allows the Florida Legislature to grant a property tax exemption to first responders who have been totally and permanently disabled in the line of duty
(We encourage a YES vote)

Amendment 5: Tax exemption for low-income seniors allows the Florida Legislature to grant a property tax exemption on homestead properties to senior citizens and disabled veterans making less than $20,000/year
(We encourage a YES vote)

We hope that you will join us in praying and seeking God’s wisdom on these and other important issues facing us this election and get out to vote. 

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