We may all become ichthus Christians if…


I will get right to the point.

If this election goes the wrong way, we may all have to return to being “Ichthus” Christians where we are sneaking around just to speak of our faith in secret because we are unable to publicly.

ichthusThe ichthus, (pronounced “ikh-thoos”) the “fish symbol,” was used by Christians (as early as the 1st Century AD) to help identify with one another silently, in the hope of escaping persecution.  Christians would often draw an “ichthus” to let other Christians know that they were fellow believers of Christ and that it was safe to talk about their faith.

Fast forward to 2016…

We are on the brink of being in a similar place as the early church, where government sanctioned persecution of Christians is the norm!

And while we may not yet face physical death, we are on track to face the death of our robust religious liberty, our ability to worship, our ability to preach from the Bible, our ability to live our lives and run our businesses according to Scripture and speak of our faith publicly.  After our rights are stripped, the consequences and the persecution will come.

If we are going to stop this from happening, we need your help today. 

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Time is short, with less than 3 weeks left until the election.

We must ACT NOW if we are going to thwart, stop or hopefully reverse this devastating course our culture is on.

Evidence that the persecution and attempted eradication of our faith has already begun:

  • In Iowa and Massachusetts, Christian churches are being told they are now public accommodations and need to comply with non-discrimination laws as it relates to transgender use of showers, locker rooms and bathrooms.  These anti-liberty sexual orientation and gender identity, or SOGI, laws in state civil rights codes (exactly like the Florida Competitive Workforce Act which will be proposed again in 2017) are creating the problems and could grant government a “green light to directly regulate churches.”  This is outrageous but it’s exactly where the battle is headed—inside the walls of your local church.
  • In Pennsylvania, the Senate Labor and Industry Committee recently held a hearing on a bill which would make it illegal for religious churches, schools and other religious organizations to only hire employees that agree with the religious organization’s teaching on sexuality, marriage and gender. Our opponents are pushing hard for this.
  • In California, three faith-based crisis pregnancy centers are in the middle of a legal battle to continue to operate according to their faith by offering resources, counseling, advice and alternatives to abortion.  The State of California is requiring them to post agovernment-approved message – promoting free or low cost access to “family planning” (or ABORTION!) or be fined $500 for the first violation and $1,000 for each additional violation. This law was just upheld by the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Appeals.
  • Christian business owners providing goods and services to weddings throughout our country are being attacked by SOGI laws which enable gay activists to slap businesses with costly lawsuits and fines for simply living out their faith, if they choose not to celebrate or participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies with their creative and artistic services.
  • Business owners, corporations, and organizations which provide health insurance to their employees are being forced to pay for abortions or abortifacient drugs throughObamacare, regardless of their, or the employees,’ religious beliefs that all life is sacred. Any disagreement or failure to comply is met with government imposed fines and penalties.

If you disagree with this encroachment on our religious liberty, would you stand with us today and help us preserve this precious right with a secure online gift?

Did you notice the consistent government enforcer in the examples above?

legal battle in a US District Court  (DISTRICT COURTS) which could grant government a green light to regulate churches

Senate Labor and Industry Committee  (THE STATE LEGISLATURE)

government approved message  (by THE STATE)

… federal government mandated “Affordable Care Act” or “Obamacare”.  (OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT carrying out the will of the President of the United States.)

Here is my point:  You and I have an impact on every single one of these branches and levels of government, directly or indirectly, which determine our future – WHEN WE VOTE!

Unfortunately, many voters are confused about voting in this election, and have said they may sit out this election and not vote.  That would be catastrophic.  We must not be governed by emotions and feelings.  Rather we must look at the facts which our Voter Guides present clearlyHERE.

donate_off.pngWe must reach more Christian voters, educate them with the facts, and encourage them to vote.  This takes substantial funding.  Will you help us with a gift of any amount today?


On November 9th, I hope we can all wake up knowing we have done everything within our power to protect religious liberty for our children and our next generation.  I hope you will join me in this effort with both PRAYER and with a GIFT of any amount today HERE.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



John Stemberger

PS:  Our impact will be limited only by our funding.  Thank you in advance for giving your best gift possible at this time, and for praying for us, our efforts, and our country!