Jacksonville Needs Your Help Now!

Action Alert

The citizens of Jacksonville are fighting their own city council to stop them from trying to adopt a dangerous sexual orientation and gender identity ordinance.  Despite claims of “new compromise language,” the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) 2017-15, puts women’s privacy, safety and dignity at risk when they use showers, locker rooms, spas, and bathrooms by allowing men to also use the same intimate facility.  Furthermore, it seeks to punish businesses and Christian ministries who simply wish to live, work and serve their community in accordance with the dictates of their faith without interference by the government.  Despite deceptive word changes, it’s still the same dangerous anti-liberty ordinance which has been defeated twice before.  A one-page analysis of what the deceptive proposal does can be found here.

What happens in Jacksonville does not stay in Jacksonville.  Like a transmittable virus, the momentum of this bad bill passing could mean that your town is next.  Please contact the Jacksonville City Council members via email and phone today and tell them to “Vote NO on HRO.”

At-Large Council Members

Group   Name  Phone Number  Email Address
1 Anna Lopez Brosche (904) 630-1393 ABrosche@coj.net
2 John R. Crescimbeni (904) 630-1381 JRC@coj.net
3 Tommy Hazouri (904) 630-1396 THazouri@coj.net
4 Greg Anderson (904) 630-1398 GAnderson@coj.net
5 Samuel Newby (904) 630-1387 SNewby@coj.net 

District Council Members

District Name                          Phone Number Email Address
1 Joyce Morgan (904) 630-1389 JoyceMorgan@coj.net
2 Al Ferraro (904) 630-1392 Ferraro@coj.net
3 Aaron L. Bowman (904) 630-1386 ABowman@coj.net
4 Scott Wilson (904) 630-1394 SWilson@coj.net
5 Lori N. Boyer (904) 630-1382 LBoyer@coj.net
6 Matt Schellenberg (904) 630-1388 MattS@coj.net
7 Reggie Gaffney (904) 630-1384 RGaffney@coj.net
8 Katrina Brown (904) 630-1385 KBrown@coj.net
9 Garrett L. Dennis (904) 630-1395 GarrettD@coj.net
10 Reginald L. Brown (904) 630-1684 RBrown@coj.net
11 Danny Becton (904) 630-1383 DBecton@coj.net
12 Doyle Carter (904) 630-1380 DoyleC@coj.net
13 Bill Gulliford (904) 630-1397 Gulliford@coj.net
14 Jim Love (904) 630-1390 JimLove@coj.net


We need your financial support now to defeat this measure.  These are designated funds that will go directly to the campaign to kill this bad bill.  We have an immediate goal of raising $10,000 to take immediate action and defeat this bad bill (as we have down twice before).  Please give online now by clicking here. You can also call our office at (407) 418-0250 to donate to this critical effort.


One page analysis of the new 2017 ordinance

Full text of the new deceptively worded 2017 bill

Resources & videos on threat of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) laws

Understanding and responding to the transgendered movement

Video of the one-sided City Council public hearing introducing the HRO on January 4, 2017