Tell Gov Scott FL Doesn’t Want Jax Mayor Lenny Curry For Next CFO



Contact Governor Scott and Tell Him Florida Does Not Want Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry to Become Florida’s Next Statewide CFO 

Candidates being considered that are highly qualified, principled and would be acceptable to most conservatives include:

Senator Aaron Bean, Jacksonville

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Miami

State Senator Tom Lee, Tampa

Former Florida Senator Pat Neal, Sarasota


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  • Florida’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jeff Atwater has announced his retirement after the 2017 Legislative Session.
  • Governor Rick Scott will appoint a new CFO soon and Jacksonville’s Mayor Lenny Curry is one of the finalists for this position.
  • The CFO is a member of the Florida Cabinet.  It is a powerful statewide position and cabinet positions are often used as stepping stones to higher political office, including governor or federal offices.  Many people believe that Mayor Curry aspires to hold one of these higher offices.
  • Lenny Curry is a very attractive and likable person with a very nice family. However, there are very serious concerns regarding his possible appointment as CFO, primarily

What are the Issues with Lenny Curry?

  • Lenny has proven that he is not a principled conservative and is not willing to fight for what is right.
  • As the former head of the Republican Party of Florida, Lenny has become the darling candidate of the GOP establishment, but he is not reform minded. This is a politician who is trying to please everyone. He appears to be more concerned with what the left thinks about him than the conservative base who helped get him elected.
  • Unfortunately, Lenny is earning a reputation as a “Charlie Crist” Republican and one that doesn’t need to be promoted to a statewide office, where he could make unsound decisions which would affect all of Florida’s families and residents.
  • Lenny cannot be trusted and betrayed local Jacksonville voters by promising several people he would veto any HRO but when the time came, he failed to deliver on this promise.
  • By executive order, he created special rights for people claiming to be gay and transgender in city government trampling on the rights of thousands of other employers and vendors associated with the City of Jacksonville.
  • Lenny’s refusal to veto the deceptive and unconstitutional “Human Rights Ordinance” (HRO) in Jacksonville puts women and children in danger by allowing men to use women’s showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms in domestic violence shelters and in other non-profit charities with residential facilities.
  • If politicians are not willing to fight for laws which defend our first and most fundamental liberty, religious freedom, and they are not willing to fight to protect the dignity, security, and safety of women and children when showering and dressing in intimate spaces, then we are not interested in them serving as elected officials.

Contact Governor Scott and Tell Him that

 You Do Not Want Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry to Become Florida’s Next Statewide CFO

Call (850) 488-7146