Orlando, FL — On Thursday, August 2, 2018, John Stemberger, President & General Counsel of Florida Family Action, one of Florida’s leading pro-life, pro-family organizations, announced the endorsement of State Representative Frank White for Florida’s Attorney General.

john stemberger endorses frank white

Stemberger released the following statement:

“Our FFA Board of Directors had the opportunity to interview both candidates privately and I personally have watched and moderated debates between the AG candidates.  Based on our interviews, each candidates’ record, and extensive background research, we believe Frank White is a conservative we can trust.

Frank White is a strong family man who has consistently promoted family and conservative values both within his home and in the legislature. Frank White has a clear voting record, which shows that he doesn’t shy away from opportunities to support pro-life and conservative principles.  Frank just earned an A+, 100% score from Florida Family Action’s Legislative Scorecard released earlier this week.

Frank would be a great leader to run the office of the Attorney General and has extensive professional administrative experience in addition to 11 years of experience practicing law.

Of particular interest was Frank’s long standing membership and association with the Federalist Society (Fed Soc) a conservative legal group.  Frank was President of Fed Soc in law school and helped to found the Northwest Florida Lawyers Chapter.

Frank doesn’t just talk the talk during an election, he has dedicated his life to family values. Outside of the legislative office, Frank and his wife Stephanie, an adoption attorney, raise their three sons according to Christian values. Frank is also an active member of his church where he serves as a Deacon and taught Sunday School with his wife.”

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