BREAKING NEWS: All Voter Tools Online Now: Judges, Amendments, Video Explanations, Local County Races, State & Federal, Score Cards, Church Resources


All Florida Voter Tools Now Online

Judges, Amendments, Video Explanations, Local County

Races, State & Federal Races, Score Cards &

“501(c)3-safe” Church Resources.

This is going to be a historically high voter turn out, the ballot will be longer than ever, and the polling in both the Governor’s and U.S. Senate race is razor thin.  You have to plan now to vote, you have to do your homework and you have to be prepared.  Your vote can make a difference.  Get resources now at


 We are right now printing one million church friendly voter guides and distributing them on the ground to the 67 counties this weekend. See the product being printed and distributed here.

We need your help in one of three ways:

1) We need people willing to serve as county hub leaders to receive the boxes of voter guides this weekend and then organize volunteers to distribute them to the churches who have placed orders for them in each county.

2) We need volunteers in each county to help the county hub leaders to deliver the voter guides to each church.

3) We need you to ask your pastor or church leaders to pass out the voter guide during church services on Sunday, October 28 & Sunday, November 4.


The link to sign up to order voter guides for your church is here:

To volunteer to be a County Hub Leader or assist the leader driving voter guides to local churches send an email with all of your name, e-mail, cell phone and county to


We highly advise you to vote early or vote by absentee ballot.  You can contact your local Supervisor of Elections here to order an absentee ballot or to find early voting locations which start in most counties on Saturday, October 27 and runs till Wednesday, November 3.

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