Vote YES on 3 – Vote NO on 13, Florida’s two most important amendments

Don’t be fooled by unreliable voices in “conservative” circles on two of the most important amendments in Florida…

VOTE NO on 13

VOTE YES on 3 to freeze all casino gambling in Florida

VOTE NO on 13 to stop a hidden & dangerous animal rights
provision that could create lawsuits to prohibit hunting & fishing.

Amendment 3 freezes casino gambling in Florida at its current levels and removes the power of government to expand them.  Any casino expansion in Florida would require a very difficult 60% popular vote of the people which is a very high hurdle.  See a three-minute video explanation here.

Amendment 13 is not really about dog racing or gambling. The primary problem with it is there is a stealth animal rights language which you will not even see on the ballot which could create lawsuits against hunters, fishermen, cattlemen and other farmers raising animals for food.   See a three-minute video explanation here.

Check out these two videos by our President John Stemberger for more in-depth information and analysis.

For brief video explanations on all 12 of the amendments click here.

For our one-page voter guide on the amendments click here.

To read John Stemberger’s Op-Ed in the Tampa Bay Times regarding 4 tests for a state constitutional amendment click here.

For all other voter guide materials on judges, local, state and federal candidates, click here.

Early voting is happening now all across Florida.  Please get out to vote now and don’t wait till the last minute.  There will be very long lines this year on election day Nov 6.

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