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The 2018 General Election will be held on November 6 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Early voting will be available statewide October 27 – November 3. Additional dates may be offered by your county. Click here for more information about early voting. 

If you do not know where your polling place is, contact the Supervisor of Elections. You can also find your precinct and polling place on your county Supervisor of Elections’ website. You will be asked to provide at the polls a valid photo ID with signature.


Federal & State Voter Guides

Judicial Endorsement Guide
Judicial Endorsement Guide for Florida Supreme Court, District Court of Appeals, and Circuit and County Courts

Judicial Endorsement Guide (PDF)






Amendment Endorsement Guide
Endorsements on the 12 proposed Florida state constitutional amendments.

Constitutional Amendment Endorsements (PDF)







Click here for brief video explanations of each of the proposed amendments on our YouTube channel.





Church-Friendly Voter Guide for Governor & US Senate
Voter guide for Governor and US Senate that is educational, nonpartisan, and 501(c)(3) safe, comparing the candidates stands on the issues and approved by legal experts for distribution in churches.

Church-Friendly Voter Guide for Governor & US Senate (PDF)







Federal & State Endorsement Guides
Endorsements for state and federal offices including US Congress, US Senate, Statewide Races, Florida Senate & Florida House of Representatives.

Federal & State Endorsement Guides for Congress, US Senate, Statewide Races & Florida Senate (PDF)






Endorsement Guide Florida House of Representatives (PDF)







Local Voter Guides 

Local county voter guide resources are created by local activists. We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or legality of these voter guides. We are providing these guides for informational purposes only.

Brevard County Voter Guide (Florida Votes Values)
Hillsborough County Voter Recommendations (Amber Kelly)
Indian River County Voter Guide (Florida Votes Values)
Lake County Voter Guide 
(Florida Votes Values)
Lee County Voter Guide (Florida Votes Values)
Marion County Voter Guide 
(Florida Votes Values)
St Lucie County Voter Guide (Florida Votes Values)
Sumter County Voter Guide (Florida Votes Values)
Stemberger’s picks for Osceola, Orange, and Seminole counties (John Stemberger)
Walton County Voter Guide (Florida Votes Values)

Other Election Resources

voter guidesElection Resources for Churches and Pastors 
Voter videos, graphics, registration toolkits, and legal resources for churches and pastors are available at FLfamily.org.



2018 legislative scorecard2017 & 2018 Legislative Scorecard
Rating all current state legislators with grades A-F and scores 0-100%

As an organization, we see a real and increased need to hold our elected officials accountable. We believe the most objective and accurate way to evaluate an elected official’s performance, regarding positions on important issues, is to track their voting record. This scorecard provides a unique and quality analysis of social issues that no other state organization provides. We have researched and scored each member of the Florida Legislature on the issues of life, family, religious liberty, and other related matters.



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